Bernie Supporters: How You Can Help the Fight for $15 in Paris

Labor’s worldwide McDonald’s Campaign / Fight for $15

How You Can Help in Paris

Bernie Sanders is an early supporter of the “Fight for $15” to raise the minimum wage, which began as a campaign to force McDonald’s to negotiate in New York City. His campaign pushed the issues onto today’s Democratic platform. Our Revolution is committed to keeping (future) President Clinton’s feet to the fire.

You can provide substantial help from right here in Paris by supporting  the autumn drive on McDonalds France / Fight for $15.  The campaign is coordinated by ReAct.

The French market is vital to  the McDonald’s Corporation. It is the biggest and most profitable in Europe, and the French McDonald’s Franchise is a star performer.  By early 2016 there were over 2000 franchise and corporate stores across the France.  Worldwide, the chain has 420,000 employees held to “working poor” conditions in 36,525 stores in 118 countries and territories across the world.

McDonald’s has invested heavily to improve its image as a model corporate citizen, but its supersize practices set the low standards of the worldwide fast food industry.

  • Denying responsibilities as an employer and a franchiser: McDonalds’ workers are the « working poor »;
  • Evading taxes: Small taxpayers in each country have to kick in what McDonalds won’t pay.
  • Evading environmental responsibility by procurement policies that promote industrial monoculture and produce environmentally dangerous food.

How You Can Help

Working together as stakeholders we can exert leverage on McDonald’s to negotiate.  Working together with French and American solidarity we can:

  • Support McDonald’s unionists;
  • Generate publicity about McDonald’s tax evasion;
  • Use our American and French networks to mobilize community support directly;
  • If need be, join McDonald’s workers striking and protesting over Paris streets to secure international press coverage and support their local demands.
  • Join the actions that ReAct and the CGT are organizing late October and November, coordinated with other partners and Bernie supporters in France. You can join us.
  • You can contact  ReAct to volunteer to contribute personally or financially to the campaign.


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*ReAct works with French unions supporting the “Fight for 15$” and organizing workers at McDonald’s France. French unions have also joined with Oxfam in exposing McDonald’s tax evasion in France. With a view to making McDonald’s solve numerous environmental and supply-chain issues, ReAct also works with the French Federation of Small Farmers (Confédération Paysanne  And finally, as many students work at McDonalds, the French Students’ unions UNEF and UNL are key supporters of the McDonald’s campaign as well.

McDonald’s evades employer responsibility: See

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