May 1st: "Never again!"

Like many trade union, association and environmental organisations, the ReAct calls for building together “the day after”.

Call from 25 French organisations for a first May of convergence and post-Covid-19 perspectives.

Our organizations call for participation in trade union mobilizations to give May 1, 2020, the International Day of Struggle for Workers, a special echo in the context of the health crisis. The pandemic that is spreading throughout the world tragically reveals the disruptions of neoliberal and productive capitalism as well as the dysfunctions of the current global governance. The situation requires a joint response to ecological, social and democratic emergencies.

Public health imperatives will be in the spotlight this May 1st. Our organisations call for solidarity with workers, in France and in all countries, whose activities continue, often without even the necessary protective equipment. Solidarity also with the “invisibles” that the crisis has revealed as indispensable, as well as with the precarious and the “without”, whose situation worsened dramatically during the crisis.

For all this, we demand:

– that the health of all be a priority, now and after 11 May, the announced date of release from confinement even though sanitary conditions are not met.

All emergency measures should be taken to combat social inequalities and to preserve the rights of everyone during this period, including that of work, food and quality housing.

The social protection of young people should be re-founded in order to bring them into the common law. Young people cannot be the adjustment variable, nor can they be forgotten in the afterlife.

The fight against climate change and the protection of biodiversity should be priorities for the economic recovery plan, in response to the climate emergency.

Solidarity with the people of poor countries, the first victims of climate change, affected by the health crisis, while their health systems and public services are even less prepared than ours to deal with this pandemic, under the threat of emerging food crises, including the cancellation of their external debt and the payment of additional emergency financing.

Multinationals ensure that human rights and decent working conditions are respected for workers employed by their subsidiaries, suppliers and subcontractors around the world rather than leaving them without income, aid or social protection, making them more vulnerable to exploitation risks rather than paying dividends to their shareholders.

The world after it must finally apply professional equality between women and men. It is often women, in the whole health and social sector, in public services, in shops, in agri-food, who have saved lives, helped to feed us, have carried out missions to protect the population and have enabled our country to hold on while they are still much paid less than men. It’s time to recognize their investment.

Nor should the world after it result in further regressions of democratic rights. From this point of view, in France as elsewhere aware of the need to respect all necessary containment measures, we are no less outraged at police violence, abusive controls, breaches of the protection of personal data and privacy, the violation of migrants’ rights…

On May 1st, we will also demonstrate to demand a plan to relocate the industry’s activities in solidarity and environmentally, agricu
lture and services: ‘never again’ workers competed and impov
erished! ‘ never again’ dependence on international markets such as the lack of masks, blocke
rs and medicines, ‘never again’ the products that go around the world causing pollution and gre
enhouse gas emissions! for the sole benefit of transnational corporations in rich countries.

In order for the day after to be no longer like the day before, any public support for companies must already be conditioned on an ecological and social conversion, which will allow us to create hundreds of thousands of quality jobs in France. The government must not question, under the influence of polluting industries, environmental commitments and objectives, already well below the level required by the climate emergency. It must also suspend arms sales that fuel conflict and terrorism, and consider abandoning costly and more dangerous than effective nuclear deterrence. We demand that the fight against climate change and the protection of biodiversity be priorities for the economic recovery plan, and that they be in the measure of the climate emergency.

On May 1st, we will continue to demonstrate for a plan for the development of all public services and a revaluation of public
service occupations: “never again” hospitals overwhelmed by bed closures a
nd lack of carers, “never again” a public search
lacking in funds, “never again” of
the drained public services,
“never again” of the neglected Ehpads, “never again” o
f people without income and in food insecurity. whereas fairer taxation (including on wealth/wealth), a real fight against tax evasion and the transformation of public debt into zero-rate perpetual debt by the ECB would give the means to do so.

Even confined, let’s all protest on May 1st, from home, with signs, banners or invading social networks. Let us make visible, let us express what we want in France as elsewhere: a change of course, for an ecological, social, feminist and democratic future.

Action-aid France; ANV-COP 2; Alternatiba; Attac; CCFD-Earth Solidarity; CGT; Peasant confederation; DAL; FIDL; FSU; Copernicus Foundation; Greenpeace; The movement; Friends of the Earth France; MAN; MNL; Our business to all; Oxfam; Reclaim Finance; Magistrates’ Union; French Lawyers’ Union; UNF; Union Solidaires; UNL; Youth For Climate Australia

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