Bolloré / Socfin Plantation Report 2019 – publication of the abstract in English

In May 2019, we published a counter-report on the sustainable development of Socfin’s plantations, working for the Bolloré group (Unsustainable Development Report, original French version here).

A year later, the situation on the plantation did not change much and we decided to publish a summary of the report in English, in order to reach non-French-speaking readers.

This English summary is based on the report “Unsustainable Development”, which is itself the result of a survey and interviews conducted in 5 different countries (Liberia, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Côte d’Ivoire) with various local actors who are affected by the activities of the Socfin Group’s agro-industrial plantations. It aims to highlight the many problems still faced today by the communities bordering these plantations, by confronting them with the commitments made by the Socfin Group or by local businesses.

You can download it here. ENG_Summary_UnsustainableDevelopment Download

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