Bolloré / Socfin Plantation Report 2019 – publication of the abstract in English

In May 2019, we published a counter-report on the sustainable development of Socfin’s plantations, working for the Bolloré group (Unsustainable Development Report, original French version here). A year later, the situation on the plantation did not change much and we decided to publish a summary of the report in English, in order to reach non-French-speaking […]

Everywhere, trade unionists from the GLI Paris network are organizing to deal with the COVID crisis19

Below is an update on how the network’s trade unionists are fighting to support workers and citizens and prepare for the next. News from Belgium, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, USA, France, Mali, Morocco, Quebec, Senegal, Switzerland and Tunisia. Together, everywhere for transnational trade unionism! Belgium The containment was put in place from 18 March 2020, schools […]