Common Claims Book

Find the Common Claims Book, signed by the ReAct, on debt and the need for real citizen control over finance at European level here

Faced with the next financial crisis, social movements do not stand idly by!


Strategies of budget cuts, privatizations and deregulation benefit only a few players at the expense of all others and have failed to "redress" the economies they claim to help, on the contrary. Moreover, almost nothing has been done to regulate the banking and finance sector or to clean up the private and sovereign debt market. The swelling of the private debt bubble by ECB policy combined with the weakening of public finances is leading us straight to this new financial crisis.


The consequences of illegitimate debts held by european capital holders and states are hitting all over the world, both peripheral European countries (intra- and extra-EU) and countries in the global South. Everywhere, the aggravation of neo-liberal policies, under the pretext of the repayment of public debt, severely degrades the conditions and the living environment of the population and forces more and more people to be indebted in order to live with dignity and have access to basic services.

This Common Claims Book is intended for any person or organization that would like to take up the matter and join its demands. It is also aimed at political representatives who wish to work in the interests of citizens, whether at different national or European levels.


Its aim is to provide a consensus base for the collectives and organizations that have contributed to its drafting, those who have signed it and all others who will one day discover it, to develop their own awareness tools, their own arguments and demands by being able to rely on the legitimacy it takes as a result of its collective drafting.


On the menu of these common demands: "Socialize banks and acknowledge their responsibility in the crisis," "Stop financing states through finance, for finance," "Free ourselves from accounting standards that strangle local investment in favour of Public-Private Partnerships," "Fight financialization actors and ban profits on illegitimate private and public debts" or "Fighting debt" , beyond the strictly economic and financial consequences" "Against the patriarchal offensive," "Against the destruction of the environment," "For migration justice" and "For democracy."

It is to face these findings and to propose long-term solutions that nearly forty collectives and organisations across Europe have decided to organize and present their common demands on the issue of public and private debts and on the need for real citizen control, both on the means of financing states and the management of public funds. , than on banks and other credit institutions to households and businesses. 


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view. We wish you a good read and hope that it will be useful in your struggles!

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