Stage/Civic Service – Farmer Agriculture Awareness


Since 1987, activists of the Peasant Confederation have been fighting in the territories to defend the rights, income, autonomy and future of peasants. This fight is part of the desire to support a job-creating agriculture, the dynamics of the territories, a quality food and respectful of its environment.

In an effort to combat the excesses of industrial agriculture in the territories, the peasant confederation Auvergne Rhône Alpes supports the activists of Isère in their project to mobilize and raise awareness of farmers. Isère is a special department where 80% of agriculture is done in the north of the department in large crops and arboricultures where the Peasant Confederation is almost absent.

In response to the crucial challenge of raising awareness among farmers, who are far removed from the peasant agriculture approach championed by the union, the Isère Peasant Confederation has teamed up with the ReAct association, which aims to support the development of the fight against the social and environmental abuses of multinationals through collective organization.


MISSION GENERALE volunteer's main mission is to raise awareness among farmers about peasant agriculture in the isère department. Accompanied by the Departmental Board of Directors, she will meet the peasants of the department in order to:
– To raise awareness among farmers.
– Organize local meetings between farmers.annes on farms implementing peasant agriculture
– Identify local campaigns for the rights of peasants.years of Isère

– Make daily tours: Go from farm to farm, to the markets, meet the farmers.annes, listen to the problems encountered, talk to them about alternative initiatives as prospects of collective resolution of their problems, make contact with them
– Organize meetings by territory on the themes expressed by the peasants.annes met with members of the peasant confederation of the same territory.
– Depending on the collective dynamics, interest and availability of farmers.annes, launch local thematic campaigns

Interlocutors. TRICES DU.DE THE VOLUNTEER DURING SA MISSION volunteer will be required to work with the host of the Isère Peasant Confederation and all the activists who are members of the union. He, she will be trained in community organizing and accompanied by the coordinator of the reAct association. He will also be brought in contact with union partners (associations of the iNpact network,…) as well as with many peasants, years of the territory, the heart of its mission.

His tutors will be Rachel Rousselle and Jean-Noel Plauchu, members of the Peasant Confederation. He, she'll be able to participate in group time on a regular basis. The activities can be scalable and enriched at the initiative the volunteer during his journey and in agreement with the Board of the Peasant Confederation as part of his project or a personal initiative.


Location: The mission is based in Grenoble (headquarters of the Isère Peasant Confederation). Many trips will be required throughout the department as part of the mission's activities (workplace visits, home appointments, meetings, mobilizations,…).

Duration: 8-month Civic Service Volunteer

Start of volunteering: JANUARY / FEVRIER 2019



Monthly Civic Service Compensation

Travel costs will be covered by the union but volunteer will have to have a vehicle. The mission requires regular use of a mobile phone and a computer.


To be sent as soon as possible to the following three addresses:

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