McDonald's Gare de l'Est shut down for five days following a repeat strike


After protesting on Friday (May 11th) to denounce the low wages, anti-union policies and tax evasion of the multinational McDonald's, the salarié.es strikers occupy the McDonald's in Gare de l'Est Magenta. An unprecedented occupation that lasted 6 days.

"There were more than 200 of us, striking employees from Paris, Marseille, many students
some work at McDonald's, some railway workers, postmen, but also delivery drivers
motorcycles who are our service providers"

tells a striking employee
McDonald's, Gare de l'Est Paris.

In the early evening of Friday, May 11, more than 200 salarié.es of the multinational several Cities in France and by shut down seven McDonald's franchise restaurants from Gare du Nord to Opéra.

What these restaurants have in common is their unscrupulous millionaire owner. Over the period 2008-2014, Michel Parmentier spent an average of 26 euros on staff costs per 100 euros of revenue, 27% less than in restaurants directly owned by the brand. Right of representation of misappropriated staff, night and Sunday work without mark-up, absence of 13th month, the list of abuses is long. Despite its 50 million euros in sales generated at the time by its 15 Mc Donald's restaurants, Michel Parmentier continues to impose indecent working conditions in the 23 restaurants he owns in 2018.

After Friday's demonstration, the striking employees of McDonald's Gare de l'Est decided to go on strike to push Mr. Parmentier to open negotiations. In support, more than 500 people, Employees of McDonald's, railway workers, students and employees from other struggling sectors came into the restaurant to denounce the precariousness embodied by the multinational.

Employees are seeking recognition of the Economic and Social Unit (SIU) of Parmentier's restaurants in order to benefit from the participation bonuses due to them and to put an end to the anti-union policy through the election of staff representation at the franchisee level.

The Unhappier Meal report, released on 14 May, on McDonal's tax practices, focuses on the company's use of tax avoidance mechanisms in Europe and in low-tax and secrecy jurisdictions around the world. It shows how, in the midst of a tax investigation and the day after Brexit, McDonald's changed its tax structure by moving from Luxembourg to Delaware to the United States and using a myriad of intermediary companies in Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, and companies from the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Guernsey.

Politicians Jean Luc Mélenchon and Eric Coquerel have already come on Sunday to visit the striking employees of the Gare de l'Est restaurant. Other personalities have already planned to spend this week including Eva Joly on Thursday, May 17 at 3pm. In the meantime, the employees, determined, will continue their strike until their demands are fully satisfied.

Did you know that?

Michel Parmentier, owner of McDonald's in Gare de l'Est, refuses to publish the accounts of his various restaurants – even though this is a legal obligation and most McDonald's franchised restaurants comply.

But what does Michel have to hide? Is he embarrassed by the millions his restaurants generate every year?

One possible explanation: Michel would be afraid that the profits of his restaurants (all generally very well located in Paris intramural) seem disproportionate to the salaries he offers to his teammates. Because according to our estimates, the 23 restaurants managed by Michel Parmentier are tax-free and together bring in 5 million profits every year… which go mostly out of the pockets of shareholders (Michel and the McDonald's Group). Thus, Michel's profits are equivalent to 7000 euros /salary/year … That's the equivalent of 6.3 months' salary for an employee paid at THE SMIC, the standard at McDonald's.

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