Social Mobilizations and Repressions in Africa – The ReAct at Attac Summer University.

As part of the Summer University of Solidarity and Rebel Movements of Attac, which will be held from 22 to 26 August 2018 in Grenoble, the ReAct will speak on the issue of social mobilizations and repressions in Africa.

Education, mobilizations, strategies of social movements

Three successive sessions to address the hot topics of social mobilizations in Africa: – first session on the current social struggles, focusing on: the Campaign Let's Turn La Page for The Alternation in Power (Gabon, Togo, Chad, Congo-B, DRC, Cameroon, Burundi, etc.); the struggles of the residents of the plantations of Socfin, a holding company linked to the Bolloré group (Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc.); Sahrawis' struggle against the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara – second session on the use of digital tools: internet and social network cuts on days or periods of popular mobilization, electronic surveillance/copying, etc. – third session on French military and police cooperation with dictatorships: france's maintenance of military and police advisers to dictatorships despite repression, organisation of training in "democratic crowd management" (sic), provision of law enforcement equipment…

Business owners and stakeholders

  • Friends of the People of Western Sahara
  • Internet Without Borders
  • The Quadrature of the Net
  • Armament Observatory
  • React
  • Ritimo
  • Survival

Laurent Duarte (Let's turn the Page), Marielle Benchehboune (ReAct project), Jeanne Leroux (Friends with the People of Western Sahara – APSO), Julie Owono (Internet Without Borders), Virginie Duval (Ritimo), Laurent Ciarabelli and Thomas Borrel (Survival), Sylvain (La Quadrature du Net), Tony Fortin (Armament Observatory)


Contributions of theoretical knowledge – convergence and construction of common initiatives

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