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In the face of injustices, we organize and take action!

After a beautiful collage action led by the employees of the McDroits collective on March 8th to denounce sexist practices and the wearing of mandatory skirts in the Mc Do, the pandemic of COVID-19 has come, as everywhere, to disrupt the campaigns conducted by the ReAct. Nevertheless, the ReAct teams remain mobilized to answer the questions, expectations and fears of the first economic and social victims of this health crisis.

Because it hits the most démuni.es, the organizers accompany the salarié.es of Mc Do to get the restaurants closed, the security guards to provide them with protective equipment or the habitant.es of Douala to claim access to drinking water. In Cameroon, Tunis, Kenya and Liberia, members and organizers are also touché.es by the Covid-19 pandemic, which is suspending time.

This crisis also reinforces our conviction to radically change the current system by putting the issue of climate justice at the heart of trade union concerns. This is what GLI Paris is currently working on by preparing, with several trade unions from different countries, a transnational meeting to draw up proposals for COP26 to be held next November in Glasgow.

MacDonald’s salarié.es fight for
decent working conditions

On Monday, March 9, a dozen employees of the McDroits collective carried out a collage action to denounce sexist practices at Mc Donald’s. Around 4 Parisian restaurants near Montparnasse, one could read slogans such as “A teammate is not a piece of meat: stop harassment at McDonald’s” “My legs, my choice: stop skirt mandatory at McDonald’s”. The date was doubly symbolic since it was an echo of March 8, the International Day of Struggle for Women’s Rights, and because that evening McDonald’s Paris Sud organized an evening for all its employees. No doubt all the participants at the party, from employees to CEOs, were able to see the posters on the wall of the building…
Since the confinement, the ReAct team has been supporting employees and trade unions in the fight for their rights. While most McDonald’s have closed, some continue to endanger workers by forcing them to come to work at the Drive. Thus, at the restaurant of Tours les 2 lyons for example, the employees were denied their right to withdraw and if they do not come, they are counted unjustified absences … This is the case in several other restaurants owned by the same franchisee, Simmenauer. Faced with this, we invite you to participate in the online shaming campaign by posting negative reviews on the facebook pages of restaurants (how to use here), in order to achieve through the collective struggle to close the restaurants! At the same time, we are calling on several French and European Members to make the situation visible.

Access to safe drinking water in Douala: Double punishment for the poorest in the face of the epidemic

For World Water Day, citizens denounce the inequalities in access to safe drinking water, while they have to queue for hours among dozens of people: it is impossible to respect the sanitary measures.

On March 22, 2019, from 7 a.m., men, women and children with containers are dozens queuing at the gas station in Bépanda Ambiance. It’s a scene we see every day. But today, citizens of the neighbourhood denounce the double injustice: “Not only is it difficult for people who are not connected to the network to get water, but they are also putting themselves at risk, with the health crisis of COVID-19”. A dozen members of the association OnEstEnsemble are present to share information on key measures, and distribute hydroalcoholic gel.
The epidemic is spreading a little more every day around the world, yet nearly three billion people have no way to wash their hands to fight coronavirus.
OnEstEnsemble publishes a survey report on inequalities in access to water in Douala on The occasion of World Water Day. This report looks at the various causes that increase inequalities between different categories of the population in relation to this fundamental right of access to water: difficulties in supply in precarious neighbourhoods, higher costs for people who cannot be connected to the urban network, recurrent water cuts, etc. The report also lists a series of recommendations, such as facilitating procedures for connecting to the water system, increasing extensions to expand coverage, and transparency on water tariffs and outages.

Union of Lone Workers in LYON:
working during the Covid-19 crisis

Anger is mounting over the lack of protective measures and the lack of recognition of the risks taken. This is the case for Lynx’s security agents, ensuring the security of Carrefour stores in contact with customers all day without even having masks to protect themselves. They are angry that they are not being awarded the exceptional bonus of 1000 euros even though the Carrefour group has announced that it will pay one to all its employees. Again, the sous-traité.es workers are left out. To combat this injustice, they plan to launch an online denunciation campaign against Carrefour, petition, strike notice… In the face of inequality, resistance is organized!

Courage to all, you,
in these difficult times

#Confiné.es but solidarity

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