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Through support for local organizations in struggle, the creation of transnational alliances, and support for global campaigns, ReAct intends to continue the fight against multinational abuses in 2020.

 In Paris, Mc Do's teammates are organizing against sexist and discriminatory practices. And the global campaign is taking its course on a transnational scale to improve conditions for salarié.es.

In Douala, the habitant.es of precarious neighbourhoods are challenging the new French CEO of the company Enéo, in charge of the supply of electricity, on the dangerous infrastructure that remains to be changed: the citizens' union of users and workers is gradually being built.

In Tunis, riverain.es of the Borj Chékir polluting landfill are mobilizing for its closure, as are habitant.es of the Korogocho slum in Nairobi that aim to move the landfill too close. All of them are members of the ACORN International network.

The riverain.es of plantations affecté.es by the agribusinesses of the Socfin and Bolloré groups are also preparing to activate new levers to combat land grabs.

Focus on some ongoing struggles: zoom in on some ongoing struggles 

MacDonald's teammates fight for decent working conditions

A collective of employees at McDonald's mobilized against sexist and discriminatory practices is gradually being built. Indeed, the reality of working at McDonald's is rather far removed from "come as you are": daily remarks to employees about their make-up, obligation to wear the skirt in some restaurants, sexist comments from managers or customers, cases of sexual harassment… The month of February will normally see the formalization of this collective, which should choose a name and priority demands very soon to take action! To continue to build all this and start investing another unionization ground in the northern suburbs of Paris, we are looking to recruit an organizer.

In Marseille, employees continue to fight against the liquidation of their restaurant and attack McDo France in front of the TGI in Marseille, in order to demand the takeover of their contracts by McDo France and the safeguarding of their jobs.

Douala: habitant.es precarious neighbourhoods occupy the urban community for better public lighting service

Habitant.es of 6 districts of Douala, organized within the association OnEstEnsemble, have been challenging the government delegate for almost a year about the lack of public lighting. The unfulfilled promises of various leaders of the CUD (Douala Urban Community) and the lack of dialogue with the official led them to carry out a new non-violent action. Several members had prepared a sketch to illustrate the insecurity of their neighbourhoods, plunged into darkness. The heavy police presence did not deter the participant.es, who were resté.es several hours in front of the administrative building. The contempt on the part of the government delegate, who did not deign to receive the delegation, led them to turn to the Governor. To follow.

The members of the association are also in negotiations with the new director of the company Enéo, in charge of the electricity service in Cameroon. The French Eric Mansuy has just taken over the management of the public-private group, 56% owned by the British investment fund Actis. He opened a dialogue with the association as soon as he arrived, following previous arrests.

Low-income citizens of Douala, habitant.es precarious, working-class neighbourhoods, its poor, who organize themselves into user and worker unions, its informal, are thus confronted with everything from public decision-makers, private groups and multinational companies, involved in the management of certain public services or the implementation of large urban projects.​

UNITI LYON: Carrefour Part-Dieu security guards offer their employer free labour for Christmas

On Wednesday, December 18, about 50 striking security guards and activists staged a checkpoint outside the supermarket to denounce the non-payment of their overtime by Lynx Security." We
work 12 hours a day, today I have more than 80 hours extra that have never been paid. During the Christmas holidays our schedules are overloaded, we can't take it anymore," says one employee.
The security guards, organized within the unitI union, decided to take action following the denial of the management of the malfunctions de
nounced by m
ail. The stock pays All unpaid overtime in 2019 has been regularized, and payment will be made quarterly rather than an
nually! As of January, employees have seen positive changes in their daily lives at work following the strike: fewer changes in schedules each month, more respectful communication from their superiors, administrative improvements.

New levers against land grabs by the S
ocfin and Bolloré groups

The OECD National Contact Point of the Netherlands has accepted the complaint against the bank ING for complicity in the abuse of several palm oil companies, including the Socfin group.
The independent firm Profundo has also just published a report deciphering the structure of the Socfin group and its relations with the Bolloré group.
The French Law for the Duty of Vigilance also offers potential new levers to counter the multinational's abuses on local communities.
Despite numerous reports published in 2019 denouncing rights violations around the Socfin Group's oil palm and rubber plantations, the Michelin Group, a major customer for the purchase of rubber, has not reacted. Maybe it's time to call him again.
The Transnational Alliance of Plantation Riverains, supported by ReAct, will study the various levers to be activated in 2020 to lead to concrete improvements in their living conditions. 

The collective Rethink the Wires, co-hosted by ReAct and Banana Link, held its annual seminar at the Bergerie de Villarceaux, from February 10 to 13. Forty community activists, researchers and entrepreneurs of the social economy gathered for a time of sharing strategies to transform value chains. Experiences have been shared around the new levers allowed by the Vigilance Duty Act to regulate multinationals.

15 community (citizen/neighbourhood) and union (union) organizers of the ReAct, the Citizens' Alliance and the UNITI union met for 3 days to co-form, exchange their practices and reflect on strategies and work to be carried out together for the year 2020.

On Thursday, January 23, the ReAct participated in the inter-assos day: "Surviving and responding to attacks on associative freedoms" organized by the L.A. Coalition (Association Liberties), of which we are a member. Sharing good defence practices against various attacks by associations by governments or other sectors, and identifying ways to respond. A manual will soon be published from the results of this public meeting, to combat the shrinking of the democratic space.

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