Who are we

ReAct Transnational was born in 2010 from a shared analysis: social and environmental injustices are caused primarily by the domination of corporate interests over those of the majority of people. To this end, ReAct Transnational supports the organization of workers and communities affected by these abuses around the world, in order to build social power to defend the rights and interests of the majority.

Based in France, ReAct Transnational is a network of activists and professionals, organizers and campaigners, present on several continents. From Douala to Paris, they support people affected by the abuses of multinationals through the building of transnational alliances.

Our resources

In 2021, ReAct Transnational has 9 permanent staff in France (Paris, Lyon, Grenoble) and in Cameroon (Douala) and is active in Europe and Africa. The trade union organizations that call on ReAct Transnational finance the organization to the tune of nearly 60% of the total budget, allowing us, as well as donations from individuals and private foundations, to accompany new and still fragile organizations.

Our allies

ReAct Transnational participates with ACORN International in building a pan-African network of grassroots organizations, sharing key principles and methods, notably in Cameroon, Tunisia, Liberia and Kenya.

ReAct Transnational is also an active member of the Stop Impunity campaign, which advocates for an end to state/corporate arbitration tribunals that allow multinational corporations to sue states if their private interests are harmed. ReAct Transnational is also a co-coordinator of the Collectif Repenser les filières, a network of some 40 French- and English-speaking trade unions and NGOs working for more binding regulation of multinationals.

Since 2016, ReAct Transnational has also joined the On Ne Se Taira Pas Collective and L.A. Coalition on the shrinking of democratic space. Like us, university professors, NGOs, lawyers, journalists, bloggers, and whistleblowers have all been prosecuted by influential economic actors for exposing human and environmental rights violations to the public.

ReAct Transnational is also a member of the Altersummit Network, which brings together European forces that support a dynamic of democratic rebuilding of a social, ecological and feminist Europe.



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