Our Mission

ReAct (translated from French, Réseau pour l’Action Collective Transnationale, Transnational Collective Action Network) was created in 2010 in response to the social and environmental injustices caused by major corporations,following their unequal power relationship between local communities and multinational companies and the domination of their interests over those of the majority. ReAct’s mission is to build the power of people exploited by transnational corporations (TNCs).

To achieve this mission, ReAct helps workers and communities organize, build the social power necessary to fight against TNCs ‘ abuses and defend the rights and interests of those in greatest need. ReAct members identify those affected by TNCs and act as local, national and transnational “network forgers ” for those who want to improve their working and living conditions.

Through the collective organization of those affected, ReAct makes it possible to negotiate directly with the TNCs. The balance of power can therefore be restored.

ReAct’s mission: Build up the power necessary for social and democratic progress that will lead to enable the fair repartition of goods and resources in a global economy.